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Prague- Kudowa Zdroj transfer


Travel time 145 min, distance 185 km


Car cost 100 euro


Minibus cost 180 euro

Kudowa-Zdroj - is a small Polish resort on the border with the Czech Republic. This resort at the foot of the Sudetes is considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Poland. Even at dawn, sleepy and foggy, it makes a strong impression.

For the first time, Kudowa-Zdroj was mentioned in the 15th century. For the first time, its mineral springs were mentioned in the 16th century. Some experts say that Kudowa-Zdroj is the oldest resort in Poland. It is difficult to judge how true this is, but the glory of this place even in those days was so great that doctors decided to buy Kudowa-Zdroj. They did this in 1783. Their efforts made Kudowa-Zdroj the main health resort in Poland. Those who spent a week or two at this resort were considered well-educated; this showed their status. Even Winston Churchill rested here! Our company will be happy to help organize a comfortable transfer from Prague airport to Kudowa-Zdroj


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