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About us

Ivan Travel is engaged in passenger transportation and transfers in the Czech Republic.

We are one of the most reliable and stable organizations that have been working with tourists in Prague and other cities since 2010. We can safely and quickly take you to the right place. We are constantly improving so that the transfer arrives to you on time and that you enjoy a company with Ivan Travel. Transfer in Prague - shorten the way to travel. Ivan Travel is a family company.

Our family loves to travel. We used the services of various companies offering transfers, but they were not always properly provided. Drivers were sometimes late and prices suddenly increased. Our task was to create a company, where we can order a transfer and safely travel around the Czech Republic and Europe.


No hidden fees or overpayments - our prices are fixed.


No delays - our drivers are always punctual.


No search and fuss - drivers meet you at the airport with a nameplate.

We will be glad if you choose us. A warm welcome and easy road await you. You can order a transfer by clicking on the appropriate banner on the website. Choose the service you need right now and see you on the go!